We help your children be successful by putting the love back into learning.

Caterpillar Learners has moved online!

At Caterpillar Learners we know that the way your child interacts with the world at an early age can shape how they experience education and learning for the rest of their life.

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At Caterpillar Learners we teach your child skills & positive attitudes for learning so they get the very best experience and amazing success.

Follow these 3 steps to get your child off to a flying start.


A lifelong love of learning starts at a very early age.

Being encouraged to ‘learn how to learn’ and to take risks makes sure that your child develops the skills & attitudes they’ll need and can use their whole life.

We show your child how learning can be fun.

Support your child by developing an early ability to take risks and a love of learning.


Learning through play and experience builds confidence, resilience, happiness and self-esteem.

Once you, & they, know how to do this you can ‘teach’ your child easily through everyday activities.

Don’t worry about the ‘what’. Focus on their willingness and approach to learning.

If you are worried that your child is anxious about learning and need some help you can download my free guide here to find out how to help them.



Make sure your child is regularly doing things that develop their ‘learning skills & attitudes’.

If you don’t know how to do this then Caterpillar Learners can help!

We have groups throughout the year where your child can have fun, learn & relax.

You can find a group here.

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What you need to know…

We know you will have questions about how Caterpillar Learners differs from the many children’s activies available. We are focused not just on having fun but on preparing your child to get the most out of the education system, regardless of their abilities and preferences. We have answered some of the most common questions below but do get in touch if there is something we haven’t covered.

What's different about Caterpillar Learners?
Caterpillar Learners is not just another toddler or play group. We offer small group classes, with child-led guided learning in a supportive community where parents learn as much as their children, giving you the perfect opportunity to prepare you and and your little one for school.

All activities are planned and evaluated by an experienced Primary School teacher to ensure high quality, consistent learning.

The groups are small so that the leader can get to know you and your child. This means they can adapt the sessions to ensure you both experience success, boosting confidence and motivation.

How will you prepare my child for the school curriculum?
Our classes are based on the Early Years curriculum. We provide sensible and fun activities that build the right skills for your little one’s learning future. You don’t need to teach them to read, recite the 2x table or be able to spell. If they want to that’s great but if they’re not ready it can be damaging.

We teach them early skills such as how to hold a pencil correctly, how to cut safely, 1 to 1 correspondence in counting, how to adapt a task if it’s not going to plan.

How long does a session last?
Each session lasts 60 minutes and is broken down into different sections to keep your little one interested and motivated.
Why do I need to stay with my child?
At Caterpillar Learners we prepare you and your little one for school. I hear parents say all the time that they don’t know enough about the curriculum or how to support their children with their homework.

So by sharing the classes with your child we show you and your child that learning can be fun (even long division!), we find ways to build confidence (both you and your little one) and we help you build a bond with your child that you can carry on through their education to support them with their learning. This may seem fairly easy now but it becomes increasingly more difficult as they approach the teenage years. If you can get it right now it’s so much easier later on as other challenges kick in.

Is there any support outside the session?
Yes absolutely! You’ll probably be so engrossed in the activities during the sessions that you won’t remember everything the leader explains and you may have questions leading on from the sessions.

You will be invited into a closed Facebook Group where Vicki will post a summary of the activities for the week with explanations as to how they support your little one’s development. And of course you can ask questions within the group.

How many people are there in a group?
Each group is a maximum of 8 children and 8 parents. The groups are small so that the group leader can talk to every child and parent, answering questions, adjusting activities to their needs and providing a high level of support.

This provides a good balance of support for you individually whilst working in a social group environement.

Are children with additional needs welcome?
Yes of course. The beauty of Caterpillar Learners is that every child has an adult with them. As the groups are small the leader can get to know all the parents and children and can adapt the classes to suit you.Please feel free to call us to discuss any particular needs you have.
What age should my child be?
There is no fixed age. The activities will involve some cutting, colouring, folding and sticking. However as every child will have an adult present the group leader can advise you on the level of support your little one will need for each activity. Please feel free to call us if you would like some advice.
What is included in the price?

You don’t need to bring anything with you (except your child!) We will provide all the resources that are needed for the activities. If you have anything your child would like to use let them bring it. That’s a great decision they’ve made. There may be some messy activities so if you would like to bring something to cover them up please do or just put them in older clothes.

I will also invite you to join an exclusive Facebook group for class members. In the group I’ll post details of what we’ve done that week and what the children have learnt. You can post any queries and questions which of course I’ll answer. You’ll be part of the Caterpillars Community, which provides support and ideas for getting your child off to a successful journey through school.

I'm a child minder. Can I bring the children I care for?
Yes, you are very welcome.
Can I bring siblings?
There is no fixed age. The activities will involve some cutting, colouring, folding and sticking. However as every child will have an adult present the group leader can advise you on the level of support your little one will need for each activity. Please feel free to call us if you would like some advice.
My child is in Reception. Do you provide any support for them?
Coming soon is a very exciting membership community where you’ll be able to join up and access all kinds of resources that will help you to support your older children. Vicki will be sharing activities that you can do with your preschool children at home as well as support for parents with older children. This will be ideas for completing homework tasks and explanations on the way things are taught now. There will also be Q & A sessions for you to come online and ask anything you like about schools.
Will I get any feedback about my child?
The leader will give you support and ideas about how to help your child at home during the sessions. If you’d like any more feedback you can book a call with your class leader.
 I like the relaxed approach that Vicki has. The teaching methods she uses are fun and engaging. My daughter loves her time with Vicki and always looks forward to the next visit!
I would definitely recommend Vicki to other parents.


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