I’m Vicki Raven and I’d like to welcome you to the Caterpillars Community.

I’ve been a teacher for almost 30 years now so you can imagine I’ve seen a lot of changes in education!

I believe that every child is unique. And has the ability to learn and grow. However, in recent years the way the National Curriculum has developed doesn’t leave much freedom for different learning styles and ways of seeing the world.

I feel the education system, as it is now, has taken the love out of teaching and learning. Without the love of learning why would children take a risk when doing something new? Something that builds their confidence and ability to think creatively and grow.


It is a joy to see a child realise they’ve mastered something new.

When I’m chatting to parents with little children, overwhelmingly they worry about losing their close bond with their child once they start school, together with being able to support them in a loving way with their homework.

When your little one starts school, you realise it’s a while since you were at school and methods of teaching have changed. You can become anxious and stressed about your children’s homework and this can affect your relationship.

With the added effects of screen time, and the new parenting challenges that creates, you can easily fall into a cycle of you becoming anxious about your child’s achievement and them becoming increasingly anxious about school – and eventually everything.

The way I see it, prevention is better than cure. If you set off your learning journey on the right foot, you have the best chance of it continuing that way.

At Caterpillar Learners we encourage a more adaptive and creative approach to learning. We prepare children with all the essential learning skills and attitudes that enable them to be confident lifelong learners.

We firmly believe that education for little children should be fun and through this we can nurture a lifelong love of learning so that they are happy and successful.


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