Calm Caterpillars At Home

Calm Caterpillars Classes are the sessions to come to if your child needs the space and peace to express themselves and relax. Through movement, games, self massage, creating, visualising and positive self talk Calm Caterpillars Classes help children become more aware of their feelings and express them clearly. We change self talk from negative to positive.

Calm Caterpillars At Home is a special and exclusive class that is held in Vicki’s home. I’ve chosen this environment particularly for children who’s trigger is school because :

  • My cosy home provides a safe non-school location
  • The group size is limited to 6 to provide a more personalised session for your child
  • I have a beautiful garden that the children love
  • The children in this group feel extra special

Calm Caterpillars Classes are for all Primary Age children.

We have fun, we learn and we relax.


Please bring a blanket for snuggling up at the end of the class. If your child has a special snuggly toy please feel free to bring it.