Calm Caterpillars Relaxation classes are for primary and nursery age children who want to learn to be calmer, more present in their life and suffer less from upsetting emotions.

More and more young children are suffering from anxiety, unhappiness and an inability to express and process their difficult emotions. You may notice them not sleeping well, becoming super fussy about food, refusing to go to school and even self harming.

Life is becoming stressful for young children which is stressful for you as a parent. The effects of this don’t necessarily go away as your children get older. They may hide the effects or avoid situations that they find stressful. Neither of which helps them to become a mentally and emotionally healthy adult.

I'm great atThrough movement, games, self massage, creating, visualising and positive self talk Calm Caterpillars Classes help children become more aware of their feelings and learn how to express them clearly. We change self talk from negative to positive.

Calm Caterpillars Classes are for all Primary Age children. We have fun, we learn and we relax.

Book a session by emailing or calling us on 07941320527

Praise for Calm Caterpillars Relaxation Classes:

I meant to say last week’s session was great and helpful. We already used the 3 exercises you showed James. Do you have any more like that?” JP (mum to James, West Wickham)