What you need to know…

We know you will have questions about how Caterpillar Learners differs from the many children’s activities available. We are focused not just on having fun but on preparing your child to get the most out of the education system, regardless of their abilities and preferences. We have answered some of the most common questions below but do get in touch if there is something we haven’t covered.

What's different about Caterpillar Learners?

Caterpillar Learners is not just another after school group. We offer individual sessions, small group classes, with child-led guided learning in a supportive community where children learn techniques learning and for any anxiety they feel together with positive approaches to problem solving and learning.

All activities are planned and evaluated by an experienced Primary School teacher to ensure high quality, consistent learning.

The groups are small so that the leader can get to know you and your child. This means they can adapt the sessions to ensure your child experiences fun and  success, boosting confidence and motivation.

What are Calm Caterpillar Classes?

More and more young children are suffering from anxiety, unhappiness and an inability to express and process their difficult emotions. This has a huge impact on how they are in the world and their ability to learn. If they are unhappy or anxious their very clever brain decides survival is most important whilst learning is less important.

Through movement, games, self massage, creating, visualising and positive self talk we help children become more aware of their feelings and learn how to express them clearly. We change self talk from negative to positive. We help them to lower their stress response and to feel confident in handling many different situations such as lunchtime, tests, separation from you.

Calm Caterpillars Classes are for all Primary Age children. We have fun, we learn and we relax.

Can we have Calm Caterpillars Relaxation classes in our school?

You certainly can! Have a look under the Schools tab.

How will you prepare my child for school?

Our classes are based on what children really need to know and experience to be successful in school and in life. We provide sensible and fun activities that build the right skills for your child’s learning future. You don’t need to teach them to read, recite the 2x table or be able to spell and write. In fact, this may not be what is developmentally correct for them. If they want to that’s great but if they’re not ready it can be damaging. We would much rather see them being curious, explorative and questioning.


How long does a session last?

The length of sessions varies depending on what your child is doing. There will be time for engaging in the activities and also for rest and relaxation. 

Is there any support outside the session?

Yes absolutely! You can always talk to your group leader.

There is a free Facebook Group where you can ask questions. In addition we will post useful items and articles.

How many children are there in a group?

The groups are small so that the group leader can get to know every child, adjusting activities to their needs and providing a high level of support.

This provides a good balance of support for your child  individually whilst also working in a social group environment.

Are children with additional needs welcome?

Yes of course. You are very welcome to stay with your child at any time if you think this will help them to feel happier and more secure. Caterpillar Learners is all about creating the best opportunity for your child to feel happy and experience success. As the groups are small the leader can get to know all the children and can adapt the classes.

Please feel free to call us to discuss any particular needs you have.

What age should my child be?

The groups are targeted at Primary School age children, however please contact Vicki if you would like to discuss a younger or older child attending as this is usually absolutely fine. The activities will involve some cutting, colouring, folding and sticking and sometimes writing. In addition there will be group games, problem solving and individual reflection time. 

Groups tend to be mixed age as this brings huge social and learning benefits.

What is included in the price?

You don’t need to bring anything with you (except your child!) We will provide all the resources that are needed for the activities. If you have anything your child would like to use let them bring it. That’s a great decision they’ve made. There may be some messy activities so if you would like to bring something to cover them up please do or just put them in older clothes.

If your child is coming for individual tuition there may be an additional charge for any workbooks we agree to use.

You’ll be part of the Caterpillars Community, which provides support and ideas for supporting your child on a successful and happy journey through school.

I'm a child minder. Can I bring the children I care for?

Yes, you are very welcome.

Will I get any feedback about my child?

You can always speak to your group leader. Ideas for home activities will be posted in Caterpillars Community. Please ask if there’s something specific you’d like some support with.

If you’d like any more feedback you can book a call with your class leader.

Can I bring siblings?

Yes, of course.

 I like the relaxed approach that Vicki has. The teaching methods she uses are fun and engaging. My daughter loves her time with Vicki and always looks forward to the next visit!
I would definitely recommend Vicki to other parents.


(West Wickham) Mum to Carys