• How’s your week been?

It’s 1st December tomorrow!

How are you feeling about time?

Last week I spoke about the idea of either being a frog or a sloth. In reality, we are all frogs and sloths at different times. I think the trick is to maximise your frog time. Know when your most productive time of the day is for particular tasks. For example, I know that I am terrible at tidying up the kitchen in the evening, so I just don’t bother anymore! I get up early because I drop my kids to the train station and inevitably there’s a bit of waiting around for them to get ready so I get busy in the kitchen and it feels super easy to tidy up.

You may not be that kind of person. You may hate leaving the kitchen untidy or just not be a morning person. We’re all different so work out when that kind of job works for you.

Likewise, once it’s dark, I want to sit down and watch Netflix so I make sure there are things I can do while I am watching. Not quite as productive as if I was fully concentrating but it’s better than nothing. I consider that being compassionate to myself as this is a difficult time for me due to lack of light.

  • From Caterpillars….

Starting tomorrow look out for Caterpillars’ Christmas Calendar in Caterpillars Community. For some Christmas is a stressful time and others an exciting time. I’d like to contribute to the spirit of Christmas for you and your little ones by showing you something every day that you can share together and as a family. Let’s make this Christmas a Confident Christmas!

In addition to the activities I’m going to be posting some freebies on certain days. I’ll let you know what they are and give you a code and then you can claim things like free classes, assessments, parent consultations….

  • Something for the weekend

It’s December 1st tomorrow so during the morning I’ll be posting Day 1 of the Caterpillars’ Christmas Calendar. It would be great to have loads of photos uploaded everyday!

  • Curriculum based activity

When’s the last time you did finger printing? You could use white and then draw on snowman features, brown and red for robins, or really go for it and use handprints for a Christmas Tree.

  • And finally…

What’s your favourite carol?