• How’s your week been?

Are you feeling as if you’ve got less time now the winter is truly here? From talking to parents, I know that many of you don’t feel as if you have enough time to get everything done at this time of the year and that’s very stressful and overwhelming.

Have you already felt that time is running out and Christmas is hurtling towards you?

Let’s think about time. Time is a manmade construct and very recent in the history of the planet, and even man. Of course during the winter we don’t have any less time in the day but if you’re like me you probably feel that once it’s dark you just want a glass of wine and the TV!

So is there a secret to making better use of your time in the winter? If we had more consistent daylight hours across the year perhaps you would feel more in control of your time. I think I’ve mentioned before that I am really affected by the light, and lack of it, so I have a SAD lamp. In fact I have it on right now as I’m writing this! Consider whether you would benefit from having more light in your life.

But really, do you have a realistic expectation of what you can achieve in a day? My suggestion is that as well as having a list for the day you have a list for the week. That’s because none of us can keep at it at the same rate every day. Some days we’re highly motivated and full of energy and some days we’re just not. Build yourself some flexibility over a period of time.

  • From Caterpillars….

We’ve looked at speckled frogs this week? Frogs are the perfect vehicle for starting counting and number understanding. Don’t be fooled into thinking your child needs to be able to count big numbers at this stage. They absolutely don’t. Numbers are really just a label for the calculations we do.

It’s very important that they can physically count a group of objects. Many children in reception say the numbers put point to what they’re counting at a different speed. So they may say there’s 10 frogs but there’s actually 9. I say to them say each number as you touch each frog. This is known as 1 to 1 correspondence.

  • Something for the weekend

Build your flexibility into your family life. Print off a frog and a sloth. Which activities/jobs have to be quick jumpy frogs and which can you put into potential sloth mode? It’s great to have frog jobs that you can do quickly or that you have to do within a time limit but I challenge you if you feel that’s everything. Put some jobs into sloth mode.

  • Curriculum based activity

To continue on the counting theme. Make a bus or train and collect some little people or animals. Make up number stories about a journey.

For instance, 3 people got on the bus at West Wickham. In Hayes 2 more people got on so there were 5 altogether. In Bromley 4 people got on so there were 9 altogether.  At the station 5 got off so there were 4 left.

  • And finally… It’s Black Friday! Have you found any bargains? Let me know…