I know it’s not actually Friday! But I made a commitment that I would post something every Friday starting this week. I prepared it by Wednesday and what I should have done was schedule it. But I didn’t! Instead I have had a busy time helping my Dad while he has had an operation.

It’s fine though. Life is sometimes more important. You know that because you have a family.

So instead of putting it off til next week I thought I’d post it anyway. So I hope you love my first Edition of FRIDAY FUN!

• How’s your week been?

This has been a week of new things for me. One being the creation of Friday Fun. I had always intended to write a weekly newsletter or blog but I hadn’t quite formulated which day, format, how to publish it etc etc…
And today I received an email from a lady I consider to be an expert writer apologising that she hadn’t written to her email list for a while. The reasons were many but basically it was because she hadn’t decided on how she could make it perfect.

I guess I’m the same.And I bet you are too!
Have you been the perfect parent this week?
Well there’s a surprise!

Have you reacted to your little ones in a less than Mary Poppins way and then beaten yourself up?
Your little ones do the same. So your most important job is to show them that we all mess up, we all dither, we all do things less than perfectly and that’s perfectly ok. In fact it’s perfect. If we didn’t have challenges we wouldn’t learn anything.

So I hope you can look back and think, “My week was perfect because I have had the opportunity to learn x,y or z.”

• From Caterpillars….

At Caterpillars this week we enjoyed the sunshine. The sun really has had his hat on. We have looked at all things yellow; flowers, butter, bananas, autumn leaves, jelly, sunshine, lemons…….

• Something for the weekend

Collect lots of yellow things and cut out pictures from old magasines. Help you little one by drawing a black line around the object for them to follow. Always have them point the scissors away from their tummy and turn the paper round for them. You can see me demonstrating this here.
Stick all your yellow objects onto a piece of card or paper. Let your little one choose how to arrange the objects.
Tada! You have a yellow collage!

• Curriculum based activity

The sound ‘Y’ is a difficult sound for many preschool children. They know in their head what it is but some don’t have the muscular control in their mouth to say ‘yuh’. Don’t worry about this.
Jolly Phonics has a great song:
I like to eat eat eat yogurt and bananas
I like to eat eat eat yogurt and bananas
I like to eat eat eat yogurt and bananas
y y y y y
Pretend you are eating a yogurt. The idea is that little ones associate the action of bringing a spoon to their mouth with the sound y. You can find the tune on Youtube.

As well as real words beginning with y make words up. Ask them what happens if we say y at the beginning of dog? It’s hilarious!

And finally….

I hope you enjoy these activities. If you’d like any specific ideas please contact me at Caterpillars Community or vicki@caterpillarlearners.co.uk

Lots of love

Vicki x