• How’s your week been?

I’m looking forward to half term next week. Are you?

I don’t think it’s going to be a complete rest, but it will be something different and that’s always good. I’ve had another busy week and stepped outside of what’s completely comfortable for me. I spent the day yesterday at Bexley Grammar School talking to groups of students and parents about stress and how we can combat it by knowing we are good enough just as we are.

I particularly highlighted for them how school can feel like a relentless round of testing and exams. As a parent you need to be aware that this starts in Year 1 with the phonics test. Inherently there is nothing wrong with assessing children. It’s useful for teachers to know how the children are getting on. What is damaging is when the children start to feel it says something about them as a person. What they need to know from you is that they are trying hard even when they find something difficult.

  • From Caterpillars….

Autumn is truly here now. There are so many great things to do with leaves. We’ve been looking at leaf shapes and patterns. We’ve also made pictures from leaves.

  • Something for the weekend (half term)

Let’s hope the weather stays dry and that you can get outdoors and swish about in the leaves.

Collect leaves, dip them in paint and print with them. Some leaves have prominent veins that you can rub with a crayon. It’s like magic for little ones!

If you’re a bit careful you can even thread them onto a string using a big chunky needle and then make an animal.

  • Curriculum based activity

L makes a difficult sound. It’s not “luh” when in it’s in a word. It’s “ull” with the tongue behind the front teeth. Try miming licking a lolly with your child and saying “ull lick”.

Make a lolly shop. You could make pretend lollies. Be Willy Wonka and make amazing lollies. Try freezing fresh fruit in very dilute juice.

And finally….

Have a great half term!


Vicki x