Have I told you about tomato plants?

Well here goes….

When you have a tomato plant you want it to grow and produce yummy tomatoes. So you put it in nutritious soil, you water it, you feed it, you protect it from frost and pests, you give it sunshine and warmth.

After a while your tomato plant grows big and strong.

Because you have given it lots of attention.

The same is true of our feelings. When we give them lots of attention, they grow big and strong. It doesn’t matter which feeling it is , it will grow when we give it attention.

So, if your child is a worrier, the more attention you all give those worries the more they will grow.

Of course that doesn’t mean ignore them because the danger is they just give them attention without you knowing.

A great tip is to have a worry book or box and for your child to out their worries in their. That way they don’t have to keep reminding themselves what they are. Then, once per day, look through those worries together, for a limited amount of time. That means they’re not ignored but not given too much attention.

We’ll be having a worry box at Calm Caterpillars on Thursdays at Calm Caterpillars in the Sussex Room, Wickham Hall at 4pm. If you’d like to join our relaxation classes you can book here: www.caterpillarlearners.co.uk/sessions/