Calm Caterpillars Relaxation Classes in Preschool Settings



More and more young children are suffering from anxiety, unhappiness and an inability to express and process their difficult emotions. Calm Caterpillars Classes are after clubs that Vicki set up in response to parents contacting her and telling her that their children were not coping and feeling anxious and upset. Particularly stressful times are starting school, SATS, transition from nursery to KS1, infants to juniors and again to secondary. And of course in addition some children experience stress outside of school – illness, accidents, divorce, relocation, death as examples.

The Government has announced that from September 2020 “All children in England will be taught how to look after their mental wellbeing and recognise when classmates may be struggling.” (


What We Do

Through movement, games, self massage, creating, visualising and positive self talk Calm Caterpillars Classes help children become more aware of their feelings and learn how to express them clearly. We change self talk from negative to positive.

Our aim is to help every primary school and preschool in the country to provide regular sessions for their children where they can explore their feelings, learn vocabulary to express themselves, develop the confidence to ask for help, learn techniques for coping with tough situations and change self talk from negative to positive.

We have fun, we learn and we relax.

If you would love to find out more about Calm Caterpillars in  preschools please contact us via the Contact page. We can arrange to visit you and give you a free workshop or assembly so that you can see for yourself how much fun it is!