Calm Caterpillars classes are focused on mindfulness and relaxation for Primary Aged children who are suffering from anxiety, unhappiness and an inability to express and process theirdifficult emotions.Through movement, games, self massage, creating, visualising and positive self talk we help children become more aware of their feelings and learn how to express them clearly. We change self talk from negative to positive.

We have fun, we learn and we relax.

Please ask about classes for Nursery aged children.


Calm Caterpillars Thursday 4 -5pm, Stambourne Way,  West Wickham :  

16th January – 2nd April (11 weeks) £77 or £8.50 pay as you go.

Please bring a blanket for snuggling up at the end of the class. If your child has a special snuggly toy please feel free to bring it.

Caterpillars Story Telling 

These Story Telling classes are focused on how to write a brilliant story without the stress and anxiety that children often experience at school. they will learn how to create exciting characters, interesting settings and dynamic stories. In addition we’ll play games and do mindfulness exercises (similar to Calm Caterpillars) to help your children to express how they feel about story writing and to turn the negative self talk to positive.

We have fun, we learn and we relax.

Sorry there are no Caterpillars Story Telling Classes during the Spring 20202 Term. Please contact for details of upcoming classes.

Caterpillar Learners preschool classes are focused on literacy and numeracy concepts that will prepare you and your little one for school. Through our guided activities your child will be learning essential preschool skills, enabling them to be confident learners. You will learn the skills and knowledge to be their confident supporter in the current school system. Please contact us if you’d love a preschool class to run.

We also provide Calm Caterpillars classes for Nurseries and Preschools. Please contact us if you would like us to speak to your child’s preschool.


I’m sure you’re going to love taking part in Caterpillars sessions as much as I love planning and delivering them. However I understand that they’re not for all people. I want you to be happy and so if you don’t love your first Caterpillars session then let me know within 24 hours and we can talk about how I can make it great for you. If, by the end of our conversation you’re still not happy, or you are certain Caterpillars is not for you,  I’ll happily refund  all your money with absolutely no quibble.