What my clients say…

I like the relaxed approach that Vicki has. The teaching methods she uses are fun and engaging. My daughter loves her time with Vicki and always looks forward to the next visit!
I would definitely recommend Vicki to other parents.


(West Wickham) Mum to Carys

Really enjoyed the way you interacted with the children.

Mum to Sophia

Good fun. Lucas really enjoyed it

Childminder to Luca

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help that you gave me at the beginning of my journey. You pointed me in the right direction and helped me to believe in myself again. You showed me that there are people who care and want to help you which was something I really needed.


We had no concerns about recommending Vicki to our neighbour who had a child about to enter reception year. She wanted someone to help her daughter focus on how to learn properly and to enjoy it.

Mum to Paul

Vicki instilled in Paul real self confidence as to his ability and has always been encouraging. She made the sessions fun to such an extent that Paul never minded attending every fortnight. Also he had no problem with doing any of the homework she set him. Indeed even though Paul has sat the exams he has expressed a desire to still receive tutoring from Vicki.
CJG, (West Wickham)

Mum to Paul , (Tuition client)

I really enjoyed watching Rocco make the spider and allowing him space to do it for himself.

Mum to Rocco

We liked the stickers and glueing and linking the craft with the song.

Mum to Bettie

Vicki is always really cheerful and welcoming. She has a lot of knowledge about learning and confidence which she shares willingly.

Mum to Thomas

It has paid off, and being helped to continue by my new stance of letting small comments go. It helps to have had your back up at those moments, so I feel like someone is on my team. I can recall your comments in my head and not react, but rather respond by being still and quiet. Which is not weak, but rather wise. Thank you so much Vicki.


(Parents with Teenagers)

So the intervention worked! She came to ME yesterday…. I’m so glad I had you to talk to through this and all the help I had from my family. Life is great and I’m so glad she is safe!

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