Time – How much can kids do?

This morning I’ve started a Declutter Your Day Facebook Challenge. This morning the focus has been on what we would like a bit of extra time for. I’m very tempted to say, ”To be more productive.”

But what does that really mean?

I spend a lot of my time creating content for my Calm Caterpillars and Caterpillar Story Tellers classes. So what I really need is extra time to ponder and to create. The problem is with that is that I don’t always have anything to show for that time.

That got me thinking about the children who come to Caterpillars. There are so many after school and weekend classes they can go to. There is so much opportunity for them and as parents we want them to have best opportunity don’t we?

In addition, lets be honest, it can be really annoying when our children moan that they are bored!

The problem is that our children are becoming overwhelmed an unable to learn what they really need.

The school curriculum is jam packed with “stuff”. Since I launched Caterpillar Story Tellers I have become more aware that literacy can be about the nuts and bolts of language. By this I mean phonics, sentence structure, punctuation, grammar….For many children what has been lost is creativity and a real love of language. Writing a story fills many children with dread.

So what has this to do with time?

Time is closely linked to energy and energy is what children need to learn.

If they don’t have enough time they feel overwhelmed.

If they don’t have enough time they are tired.

More importantly what do they do with their time?

This may be controversial but children should have time to be bored. They should have time just to be silent. they should have time to create their inner life.

Bored doesn’t mean they have to come and whine to you. Bored means lying on the grass watching the clouds, watching raindrops run down the windows, doodling, folding up pieces of paper; what we might call mindless things.

In those spaces we all create our magic.

You may know that as well as running classes I also tutor. I’m not saying don’t have a tutor for your child but you may want to consider what you ask the tutor to do. If your child is struggling at school I question whether more of the same is the best option. Instead, look for a tutor who will look after your child’s wellbeing and confidence so that they are happy to take small risks. Yes of course you want them to have more knowledge and competency in the classroom so find out whether the tutor has a range of non pressurised methods that they can have fun with.

Most of all, let your children have time.