Tutoring With a Difference

Lots of children benefit from some tuition.

And there are lots of great tutors to choose from.

So how do you choose a tutor?

Why do you want a tutor for your child? There are lots of reasons; missing knowledge from time off school, specific learning needs, anxiety, a short boost for exams, boredom. There are many others. Be clear what it is that you want.

How does your child work best? Tuition is not necessarily best done in 1 to 1 settings. I have worked very successfully in group settings; in fact, group work can have many benefits over individual work. Our Caterpillars Story Telling Sessions are a lot of fun and the children benefit hugely from throwing ideas around between them. There are activities we can do in groups that just don’t work well individually.

However other children work better in a quiet 1 to 1 setting. And some work is better done in an individual setting.

How well qualified and experienced is the tutor? There’s nothing wrong with you choosing a clever 6th former or undergraduate as a tutor. They will know the academic content of the lessons. However if you feel your child needs extra support I would guess they are feeling a degree of confusion, anxiety and upset. Qualified teachers are trained in child development, learning development and learning strategies. These are essential skills if your child is going to benefit from tuition sessions. It is not beneficial simply to go over the same material gain in the same way. Experienced teachers will have all sorts  of tricks for learning up their sleeves.

What is the tutor’s ethos? Ethos and atmosphere in a tuition session are vital. I’m sure you’ve heard your children talk about teachers they hate but do you realise how this may impact their learning?  When we’re under stress our brain just does not work as well. So why would you choose a tutor that makes your child feel anxious?

Currently, only Vicki runs 1 to 1 tuition sessions, and she believes that confidence building is the absolute key to successful learning. Without that any academic content will be just as unsuccessful as what’s going on in school. In our sessions we have a lot of fun, we talk a lot, we do some relaxation, if it’s needed, we play games, which all leads to successful learning.

Don’t take my word for it! The only way you’ll know for sure what you want and need is to have a conversation. I always offer parents of new children a thorough conversation before we start.

If you’d like chat about your child send me an email or call me on 07941320527.

Praise for  Caterpillar Learners:

I meant to say last week’s session was great and helpful. We already used the 3 exercises you showed James. Do you have any more like that?” JP (mum to James, West Wickham)