There’s been some controversy around Red Nose Day and Comic Relief this year which I think is interesting. I heard Richard Curtis speaking about the portrayal of Africa last night and he acknowledged that on the night the images are very much about need. And that’s the point. However he also went on to say that he felt Comic Relief should have an ongoing campaign around the positive growth that Africa is experiencing. Great balance I thought.

That’s not the reason.

Calm Caterpillars Relaxation Classes are very much focused on changing the negative into positive for the young children that come to work and play with me. I felt quite strongly this year that it was important for us to think about gratitude and have an awareness of who helps and supports us before we are able to support others. Timewise yesterday’s class was perfect because I’m sure that today the children will be taking part in Red Nose Day activities where they will think about children that have greater needs than their own.

So, we decorated cakes and biscuits to give to a special person as a thank you. It was a fun activity and all the children were able to tell me who they wanted to say thankyou to. As well as enjoying the activity the children became more aware that they have people in their lives who love and support them.

I was reading in a meditation book this week that after a meditation it’s great to say thankyou to someone or for something as it sets your energy positively and it’s impossible in that moment to be sad or afraid. I guess we only feel one emotion at any given time, so the more we can train ourselves to stay in the positive the less the negative will be our general state.

Give it a go!

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