At Caterpillar Learners we know that 1 way of working doesn’t suit everyone, so we have lots of ways you can benefit from what we do.

We run lunchtime and after school clubs because many headteachers recognise that their children need quiet reflective time during their school day. If we are not currently running sessions in your child’s school you can ask your headteacher to invite us in to run some free sessions or you can contact us via the contact page.

Some children’s anxiety is caused through being at school and that’s why we have super special sessions in Vicki’s house.

Other children have specific worries and really benefit from 1 to 1 support. You can choose either Calm Caterpillars or Tutoring for special care with your child’s mental health as well as any academic support they may need.

Home Education is a special interest for Vicki. She wrote her degree dissertation on child-led independent learning.

Have a look through the drop down in this section for more information or drop us a message via the contact page if you’d like to talk anything though.


I’m sure you’re going to love taking part in Caterpillars sessions as much as I love planning and delivering them. However I understand that they’re not for all people. I want you to be happy and so if you don’t love your first Caterpillars session then let me know within 24 hours and we can talk about how I can make it great for you. If, by the end of our conversation you’re still not happy, or you are certain Caterpillars is not for you,  I’ll happily refund  all your money with absolutely no quibble.